About us

The music team PanArmonia was founded in 2011.

At PanArmonia we aim to craft soulful harmonies that serve as a lyrical passage to Eudaimonia (Ευδαιμονία) – transcendent well-being and spiritual freedom.

Rooted in the ageless wisdom of ancient Greek texts and committed to the sacred art of Psychagogia (Ψυχαγωγία), we seek to feed the soul with music harmony, awakening the divine nature within each listener.

We are inspired to deliver compositions that are not mere entertainment but a deliberate act of spiritual alchemy. Tuned to the therapeutic frequency of 432hz, every note we play, every lyric we sing, aims to resonate with the natural rhythm of life, and the Universe itself.

We believe that music is the universal language capable of transcending earthly material limitations, opening doors to inner harmony, balance, and tranquility. Through our unique genre of Self-Liberation, our Melodies and Hymns are more than just songs; they are instruments of spiritual rebirth, moral elevation and remembrance.

In a world rife with discord, PanArmonia aspires to compose a melodic narrative that triggers optimism, vitality, and an enduring sense of peace, reminding humanity of the ecstatic simplicity and joy of the present moment.