Harmony in Everything

The music team PanArmonia was founded in 2011. Our members are:

Katerina Ritter (singer/lyrics)
Apostolos Stamos (guitar/composition/singer)
Ermiel Djaneva (flute/vocals)
Pythagoreios Hatzinikolaou (bouzouki/bass/vocals)
Manos Michalitsis (lute/singer)
Dimitra Anastasia Sakellaropoulou (singer)
Minoas Sfinias (percussions/vocals/gongs)
Panagiotis Stamos (jembe/singer)
Giannis Malliaroudakis (percussions/strings/vocals)
Joanna Soulkouki (piano/composition/singer)

Pantelis Andreou

Μanagers of PanArmonia:
Anna Maria Kalfa

Giorgos Nitsopoulos

The majority of PanArmonia’s songs are compositions with Greek or foreign lyrics which praise the true life, inspiring higher love, virtue and a wish for every human being to experience true Bliss through their own decision to be free from every illusion in every moment.

PanArmonia released their first album ‘’With flowers and with light’’ and continues to compose new music, counting dozens of compositions. The approach that PanArmonia has towards creating harmonious music continuously attracts new musicians to come closer, having already inspired a total of 23 people who rehearse, co-create and join in their musical, artistic palette. The goal of PanArmonia’s music is for more and more people to enjoy what they always were and always will be… free.