Orphic Hymns set to Music
PanArmonia - ORPHIC HYMNS, Delphi - Frynichos Amphitheater
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Orphic hymns
Trascend the earthly dimension
The Orphic Hymns that have been set to music so far (in the full original
ancient text) are the hymns of Vesta, Zeus, the Sun, Mercury, Remembrance,
the Muses, Pluto, Hephaestus, Asclepius, the Moon, Mars and Victory.
The Orphic Hymns to Olympus
We met on the heights of Olympus and together with the group of Thunder Cymbals, we played all the hymns set to music. Divine experience for all!
The beginning of the genesis

The ‘’Orphic Hymns’’ they chose to set to music are not only transportive, but also deeply healing as we have the unique experience to reconnect with the forever young Greek Spirit in our lives.

The Orphic Hymns transcend the earthly dimension, since they constitute a universal apocalyptic heritage about theogony, which traces back to the very beginning of the genesis of the world.

In combination with the thundering cymbals (gongs) - in a 14-member Ensemble that accompanies the Orphic Hymns - PanArmonia Orchestra honors a priceless cultural heritage through the initiatory poetic writings of Orpheus who, by giving us an initiatic Guide to the Olympian Fields, radiates the universal wisdom and harmony of the Universe.

ORPHIC HYMNS - The Premiere
July 22, 2022 at the Phrynichos theater in Delphi
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